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They won’t have a chance. Twitch has an almost religious following from streaming gamers and viewers. Feels like Facebook is trying to recenter their demographic.
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@timkingwriter perhaps Facebook isn't targeting the same audience. There are far more people playing games that aren't streaming or viewing on Twitch. The market's big enough for multiple players and Twitch isn't the only one. Huya and Douyu are massive in Asia.
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@timkingwriter @rrhoover Don't forget afreecatv (South Korea)
@timkingwriter @rrhoover @ronald I think their biggest issue is content creators not taking them seriously in terms of earning revenue. They have a few but they seem lackluster.
Interesting to see Facebook go hard on general purpose live streaming a few years ago and now focusing on the gaming vertical. Basically the same move Justin TV made as it pivoted to Twitch. Curious to hear peoples’ thoughts on this. Gaming has traditionally been built around pseudonyms online. There’s an audience of core gamers that prefer that world. I don’t think Facebook is the home they’ll want to build on in let for that reason (although Facebook’s audience firehose may be very attractive once they put the thumb on the scale).
@rrhoover Judging from the gaming community's reaction to the past few esports event that had Facebook live exclusivity, it's impossible to feel optimistic about FB.gg. Gamers watch Twitch not only because the streamers they care about are there, but because they enjoy Twitch, period. Twitch as a platform managed to create a sense of community and belonging that I don't think other platforms can match, not even Facebook. Also, another huge social media actor already tried that: Youtube. Youtube gaming is pretty much dead when it comes to live streaming gaming events. They tried, but it didn't take. Faker, the absolute superstar from League of Legends is currently streaming to a meager 544 viewers there. He reaches 100k easily on Twitch. This leads me to believe FB.gg won't take off.
@rrhoover @thibautdavoult Gaming community hates Facebook because of all the privacy voes. Zuck is basically a "spy on you" meme at this point. Plus facebook is really old now and it's more of a "your parents social network". I remember ESL tried to stream some dota 2 tournament exclusively on Facebook this year as they signed a contract with them, but it was a disaster, few people watched it and those who did complained about poor stream quality. I think Instagram would be a better place for in-game streaming as it's brand is better oriented towards younger people, but it's going to be too hard to beat twitch anyway, as that's basically the brand for in-game streaming. So unless facebook writes Ninja, Summit1g and the rest of the big streamers a big fat check to exclusively stream with them, it's not happening.. But what do I know lol
@rrhoover Given Youtube Gamings failure here, I wouldn't be surprised to see FB fail as well, but best of luck to them!
Facebook has a community problem. I don't see this working out.
This will be something great :)