Play online games, win Bitcoin jackpots

Building a new generation of blockchain-driven gaming to democratize and secure shared value in this emergent economy.

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At Cryptocades (, we make cryptocurrency mining simple, easy, fun, and lucrative. Nothing to download, install or configure, just sign in and play a free online game right in your browser. While the Cryptocades platform mines Monero during gameplay, our payouts to our users are through weekly Bitcoin jackpots. We hope to attract a new audience into the crypto world; to bring more people into the fold while offering “plain English” education on the world of blockchain through our blog and social media. With our next game release, Asteroid Tycoon, we make mining even more fun and engaging, and tip the balance to favor your ability to play games, make strategy and execute; not solely how much computing power you have.
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Thank you. But I can't wrap my head arround one simple thing- what's the difference between block-chain ones?:D I always played simlple browser games and my kids played this typre of games as well. This list could be a perfect example