Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 14th, 2018

"Pecking customers to death like ducks." 🦆😬
Apple is now a dongle company.

The startup that used to tease Microsoft for "pecking customers to death like ducks" with extra fees now sells 23 different dongles. 23!

Worst part: they keep breaking. Frayed iPhone and MacBook charging cables litter drawers around the world.

An experimental, unbreakable iPhone charger has arrived, and it actually pivots when you want to lay your phone vertically. See above GIF.

We’re still waiting for Apple’s all-in-one, wireless charging pad. A little startup based in St. Louis is selling one now, but it only works with your phone.

Don't worry Android lovers: there's a magic magnetic charger that plugs into literally any device. It pulls away in a moment, just like the old Apple MagSafe chargers that Tim Cook killed off earlier this year.

Apple accessories are a massive business – the trillion dollar company's revenue from audio equipment, Apple TVs, and dongles doubled in the past three years to ~$10B. We're rooting for the little guys. 💪
Magic Charger 🔌

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