Unbreakable cable with rotatable connector

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USB93 is the World's Most Innovative Cable With Incredible Features:

✅ 90° Rotation At 3 Angles

✅ Fully Flexible & Virtually Unbreakable

✅ Straight and L-shaped In One Cable

✅ Fast Charging

✅ Tangle-Free

✅ Fashionable

Vardan Karapetyan
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  • Vardan Karapetyan
    Vardan Karapetyangrowth hacker and messenger bots expert

    solves the cable breaking issue


    haven't used, so don't know how reliable it is

    Very interesting

    Vardan Karapetyan has never used this product.
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Lana  Petrosyan
Lana Petrosyan@lana_petrosyan · pet lover
How cool! I loove it!
Tom Cosgrove
Tom Cosgrove@tomcosgrove · COO, BeerYou
Interesting. Would like to test out with different cases and report back...
Mad Mat
Mad Mat@whiletrueeat · Rebel. Leader. Fighting underdog.
This is gonna be a successful product. Good luck.
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
Cool, the product should save a lot of nerves and money
Griko Nibras
Griko Nibras@griko_nibras · I should type something here
I'd buy this if the enclosure can be smaller than normal USB cables
USB93Maker@usbninetythree · Co-Founder
@griko_nibras I hear you. The reason the connector is the way it is, is because we have left room for some extra length of wire to allow for rotational movement. If the wire inside was left taut, then any rotation outside would have 'pulled' on the wire and weakened the connection to the connectors. Not sure if that helps but I thought I would explain on why the connector is as such :)
Griko Nibras
Griko Nibras@griko_nibras · I should type something here
@usbninetythree I understand completely, thanks for the information 😄