The Pitch is a podcast that takes you behind closed doors to the critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all on the line. Each episode delivers on the high-stakes promise of a live pitch without shying away from the nitty gritty details of what happens after everyone shakes hands and walks out of the room.

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Thank you @abadesi 🙌🎉🍾 The Pitch started its journey by launching on Product Hunt in July of 2015. And I credit this community for being that initial germ of audience that helped us learn as we tried desperately to figure out this whole podcast thing. So thank you 🙏 And I just want to say that it is SO DAMN COOL that 3 years later we get to come back here where it all started! So what's new?? The big change is that we now have live investments happening on the show. Which is crazy! It took us forever to find investors who would actually make commitments on the spot. But we did, and since then we've had over $2 million invested in startups on our show. Thanks to people like @sheel_mohnot, @NadelPhil, @ManusJillian, @HowieDelicious, @runvc, @DanielGulati, @nicoleverkindt, @mhyattspeaker, and @chudson for making it a reality. Why do this?? Because people need a place where they can go to learn about how VC deals actually go down. A place where startup veterans and kids in entrepreneurship class alike can come to learn from some of the smartest minds in the business. And here's the thesis behind it all: Everyone can talk till they’re blue in the face about the latest trends and what they're looking for in a startup, but something special happens when you put an actual startup founder in front of an investor. All of a sudden all the theoretical stuff goes out the window, and you get to see how decisions actually get made. It’s riveting stuff really. Anyway, perhaps I'm getting too passionate in the opener :) Oh, and I forgot ... the other big news is that in 2017 Alex Blumberg called to say that Gimlet Media wanted to pick up The Pitch! Which was a dream come true. Now we're a team of five working full time on the show, and we're on pace to crank out 36 episodes this year! 🚀 PS: I'd love to hear any feedback you have for the show. And if you have questions, please ask! I'll be around all day 😻
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@joshmuccio It has been incredibly awesome to watch the evolution of this show over the past 3 years. Kudos to you for putting together such a high-quality product—on so many levels. And it's a huge thrill to see you getting recognized by Gimlet and so many others for the hard work you've put in. Congratulations!
@joshmuccio Awesome work Josh!
@joshmuccio the pitch team is amazing! congrats on this launch and the future episodes!
@think_andreah Thank you Andrea for being so awesome :) You've been an encouragement since the very beginning 👏
Josh--your vision and passion for the show have made it a reality. On behalf of The Pitch Nation, thank you! It has been a great experience for me to be one of the investor panelists on the show. I have met so many fantastic founders and have invested in several including Boundless, Shift and Lunar Wireless. I love being involved with The Pitch because I think we give listeners a true sense of what the fundraising process is like and how challenging it is to start and build a company. Each episode celebrates and honors the innovative entrepreneurs who are disrupting their lives to pursue their dreams. And I am honored to be able to advise and invest in them. Thank you, Josh, for pursuing your dream to give founders a platform to showcase the pursuit of theirs.
@philnadel Phil you rock!!! Thanks for being a part of this little podcast thingy since the very beginning :) I remember walking/pacing on the streets of San Francisco on our first phone call when I was trying to convince you to be a part of our first live taping. I think you were the 2nd person to say yes... @runvc was the 1st
Congrats @joshmuccio on the amazing franchise you are building. To think The Pitch is at $2M+ in capital commits AND is still at Day 1 is truly awesome. As an early stage VC, my best investments have been in founders who come from modest means, who have never been entrepreneurs before (nor have a PhD from MIT), and who address complex problems with unique solutions. For startups that apply to be on the Pitch, expect Josh and his team to pay particular attention to you and your idea, to ignore the optics (and look beyond the Silicon Valley rut), and to give the best talent an opportunity to achieve their full potential. THAT'S what I love about being a judge on the show. Congrats again to Josh and The Pitch team for creating a valuable platform for the brightest entrepreneurs out there.
@danielgulati Thanks Daniel!! We love having you on the show. You say smart things ;)
I’ve loved seeing Josh (and team) grow The Pitch from the days of The Daily Hunt to what The Pitch has become today. On top of the super inspiring journey, I love how The Pitch is bringing transparency into fundraising, which has knock on effects to lowering the bar and helping make VC money more accessible for all. Great job folks, and congrats on 3 years!
@fredrivett OMG the Daily Hunt. That feels like ages ago! As hard (and unprofitable) as that show was to make, we never would have started The Pitch if it weren't for that once daily show about the top product on PH 😏 Thanks for all the kind words Fred! You nailed the mission for why we do what we do.
@joshmuccio haha yeah your hustle back then was crazy, worked your way up from scratch. Super impressive. And your mission is 👌💯👏
@joshmuccio I found out about @thepitchshow via listening to startup on @Gimletmedia. I loved that you were found out by Gimlet through a random email pitch to them. I tell my wife my cofounder that I live by the words that "the worst thing someone can say is no, so why not at least try." Anyways Love the show. I have 2 questions: Are the investors or founders at all compensated from Gimlet for their appearance on the show? The investors are like regular cast members. Or is it just a mutual agreement that both parties are there to hopefully close a deal and that in itself is worth their time? 2.) At what stage does a founder need to be at in order to get on the pitch? I see a lot of them are already raising money or have raised prior to coming on.
@thepitchshow @gimletmedia @joco_inc thanks for listening to the show! I'm glad you enjoy it. 1. Neither the founders or investors are compensated by Gimlet for their appearing on the show. I think it's obvious why a founder would want to come on, but the investors reasoning surprised me... Most of them don't really need additional deal flow, but they do it because they want more people to learn how it all works. And most of the time spent as a VC is spent in their email inbox or on calls with founders, but when they come on The Pitch, they get to work alongside their peers in real-time. Which is apparently exciting, a great learning experience, and a lot of fun :) 2. We typically look at founders in the seed stage with a live product and some revenue/early traction. But these rules are made to be broken for the right founder/story ;)