The Peel Wireless Charger was engineered to be visually simple and incredibly thin. It charges both iPhone and Android devices at their fastest wireless charging speeds (7.5w and 10w). The extra long cable can reach your outlet from a distance (wall plug not included). It's available in black or white for $49.

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UPDATE: Received a replacement product and experienced the charging issues. Got the Morphie wireless charger base and it works 10x better.

I just received my order today and the packaging was beautiful.

The problem is if you don't place it exactly in a certain way on the pad, it charges for a second and then stops. So while I had it on the charger for over 1.5 hours, when I came back to it, it still showed ~15% charge because wasn't it placed down properly (a certain amount of the phone surface area needs to stick out on both sides).

Even after I tried re-placing my iPhone, I had to move it around a couple of times in order ensure it remains in charging mode.

This hasn't happened to me yet, but imagine leaving your phone on the charging pad at night only to wake up to a low battery phone right before heading out.

Bottom line: So far it looks like its actually just easier to charge it the traditional way. Assuming that I didn't get a defect product, I'm going to reach out to peel to request a refund, as this charging experience creates more stress than making it easier.


Product looks and feels great


Doesn't always charge (iPhone X)

I’m encountering this too. Did you find a fix? I can’t figure out how it needs to be placed to work right
I love Peel cases so was super excited about this product. I've have nothing but issues. I stopped using it altogether for my iPhone XS (it's too important for me to have a full charge on my phone to mess around with whether or not this thing is actually going to work). I've started using it for my wireless charging AirPods. You would think that because the case is so small I would just be able to set it on the middle of the Peel charging station and it would work. Nope. It will ALWAYS START to charge and then as soon as I walk away (thinking that I have successfully put the device exactly where it needs to be on the pad and then I'll come back hours later and the case won't have charged at all. I can not recommend this product to anyone in its current version.
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@marshal Congrats this looks slick!
how does the charging speed compare to others wireless chargers?
@johnalxndr Hey John, for iPhone wireless charging, there's 5w and 7.5w wireless chargers. Ours is the faster offering at 7.5w for iPhones (fastest Apple allows). For android it goes up to 10w.
And the best way to wirelessly charge a Pixel 2 today is ....? Give me a good answer and I'll buy this product.