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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2018

VOLTA Charger is a singular fast charging magnetic cable to Power All your iPhone/iPad, Android (Micro USB) and USB C Devices. Support both QC2.0 and QC3.0, comes in many colors and is military-grade in terms of durability.

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When I got my Volta Cable Almost A Year Ago, I Thought Maybe It Was Just Another Company So Intent On Making Money Off Me But Then I'm Surprised That Today I'm Still Using The Cable I Bought A Year Ago. I've Ordered Many More Chargers Since Then For My Family And They're A In Love With Volta. I'm Glad This Company Came To Light. They're Doing A Really Great Stuff.


Strong, Durable, Supports Fast Charging, Very Strong Magnet, Great Customer Service



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Thanks for the review!
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We believe there are more important things in life than wrestling with technology that should be making people's lives easier. At Volta, we are on a mission to build simple tech gadgets, the most interesting part of it is that beyond building amazing gadgets, the core of our focus at VOLTA is using some of our proceeds to build schools and health centres in the third world nations (starting from Africa). We’ve just had the privilege of building desks and chairs for more than 210 students, built 4 laboratories, renovated 4 classrooms and gave scholarships to 60+ students in a school in Africa, with proceeds from VOLTA CHARGER. We are currently building health centres for some communities in Africa. For this purpose, we esteem our customer very highly and we truly go above and beyond to satisfy our customers at all cost. Check out our customers' testimonials, no company can purchase this many great reviews: https://voltacharger.com/blogs/n... We are here to answer all your questions. Thank you, HUNTERS!
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The Volta charging experience is awesome. Before I got the Volta charger, I had loads of crap wires lying around my house, I could hardly get my battery to 100%, and having carry two or more chargers in my bag each time I had to make a trip was the worse feeling ever!

With Volta, life is pretty easier and better. No matter how many device I have to take along, I only take 1 fast charging Volta cable .This is the best feeling ever plus, my batteries gets charged 100% all the way!

The Volta customer experience team is super awesome! I couldn't recommend another charging experience to you my friend, get your devices Voltarized!

Volta charger is simply amazing!


Strong, reliable, convenient charger with great customer experience.



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Thanks for your review! =D
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guys just curious...is this your own patented design?? were you the first one to introduce this magnetic charger tech in the market ??? It's because I've seen quite a lot of magnetic chargers in the last year and now there are better looking models sold at Alibaba and other Chinese shopping sites for less than $5.. if it's your own design, then i feel pity as it's already in the market for few $. I know it's hard to control the copies, tough to be on the hardware business, easily replicated and copies come out even before the original product is out on the shelves. Anyway this is a genius invention, cheers..
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@ramkumarhq This particular product is actually not able to be patented and in terms of those cheaper products you see on Alibaba they are not made from the same materials as ours and the design is not the same. You will find if you ever buy those ones that they will last for a few months and then the magnetic strength will weaken drastically and also the connection is much weaker just overall. Our design is unique in that it's the only cable that will stay strongly connected even when you hold your phone with it up upside down and also when you hold your phone sideways (example watching movies horizontally) other magnetic cables can't actually do this. Plus our cables are the only cables on the market that are Quick Charge 2.0 & 3.0 capable along with being fast charging capable. Also our cables offer data transfer and not just for USB C and Android but also Apple product and they work perfectly as we have smart chips embedded in the cable that allows them to data transfer with Apple products which is something those cables won't do and basically none of our competitors also. These are just some of the reasons you can't compare our cable to those ones. =)
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@ramkumarhq No, we did not invent this idea and Yes, the design is ours. This invention has been in Asia for a while, even before MagSafe, but Apple was the first to turn it into something huge. Our design was replicated and we were unable to control the copying. The replicas even got to the market before ours. Some even took it too far by using our BRAND NAME on fake products (Like this one: https://imgur.com/a/0kDjG). Thank you very much for your time and your questions.
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I play Pokemon Go a lot and am therefore always charging my phone. I plug and unplug it every time i get out of the car, leave my desk or go out for a walk and have worn through dozens of "lifetime guarantee" cables as a result of all the pluging / unplugging into my phone. The port on my phone is becoming worn out and I needed some way for that to stop so I wouldn't need to fix my phone.

I also have literally dozens of cables lying around my apartment, which is made worse by my girlfriends phone using USB type C and her ipad. Being able to use one cable for all of them is perfect. I am looking forward to the latest version where it is only the tip that changes. As i mentioned before I wear through a lot of cables so having a magnetic adapter that plugs into a regular cable instead of a whole cable is great.

Charging my phone in my pocket has slightly bent the port in my phone. The Volta Charger sometimes disconnects when my phone is in my pocket but it is better than breaking my phone. With their magnetic adapter I can just take the magnet part off and use my cable regularly anyway if I want. I would definitely recommend Voltas over others though as the magnets are a lot stronger, and stay strong. The cables are also very good and can charge my phone very quickly (often an issue with cheaper cables). Quick Charge / Fast Charge is supported by the tips.


Durable, Strong, Reliable, Supports Fast Charging, Universal


I want to buy more

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