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Keeping track of your relationships

“This is a game-changer product, with infinite use cases,” someone commented on this launch today. Others seem to agree — the community has given a lot of positive feedback with 100+ conversations started so far. The launch video is getting a lot of praise, too.

We’re talking about folk, a CRM (that’s short for customer relationship management) tool that helps teams keep track of their contacts. Salesforce, one of the first CRMs, pretty much revolutionized how sales teams in SaaS companies were managing outreach. Times have changed and so have the use cases. Here’s where folk comes in.

The tool lets you build a customized CRM and choose from templates like “CRM for investors” or “CRM for user research.” You can build your contact list directly from LinkedIn and Gmail using a Chrome extension, assign contacts to others on the team, set reminders for when you need to catch up with someone and organize them by groups.

The folk team has been silently shipping this for 18 months while “trying to invent the next generation of the CRM.” Maker Thibaud Elziere also shares that the team was “very inspired by the new generation of No-Code tools like Webflow, Airtable, Notion, or Shopify. So we’re trying to bring the same level of customization, simplicity, and delight, to reinvent the CRM for all.”

Another popular launch we’ve recently seen in the CRM space is Feather. The maker started building the tool with the intention of filtering and consuming the content we see on Twitter more mindfully. Feather allows you to subscribe to people you want to hear from and add them to your contact list.

How do you keep track of conversations and people you want to connect with?

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