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Switchboard launches out of stealth

“Moving forward, every company I found will be remote by choice,” shared Amir Ashkenazi in an article for Product Hunt about his opinions and advice on remote work.

This is a decidedly confident stance for a serial entrepreneur like Ashkenazi. The founder is perhaps best known from his time as VP of Product Search at eBay after his company,, was acquired for $620M. Or for his leadership as President of AOL Platforms following the acquisition of his advertising platform,

Sure, remote working is becoming more commonplace. Airbnb just went fully remote, after all. Some question though why it took so long for a company in the tourism space to get there. Ashkenazi’s stance on this issue still stands apart from other seasoned entrepreneurs who got their start in the ol’ office.

But the pandemic changed Ashkenazi’s thinking for the good. It drove him to start Switchboard, which is emerging from stealth today with a new way to help teams work side-by-side remotely.

“It’s a collaboration tool designed for remote work: part cloud browsers, part conference room, part video call.”

The cloud-browser means that you and your colleagues can work together in a shared workspace, collaborating within the multiplayer tools you already use (from Figma to GDocs) without having to share your screen or download a new app. The rooms have what Switchboard calls “meeting memory,” so your team can pick back up right where you left off in the next meeting.

Ashkenazi also writes, “we’re in this remote experience together.” True. As the corporate world evolves, founders are going to have a lot of meeting and collaboration tools to experiment with, from virtual HQs and metaverses to screen sharing tools. Of course, they can always build their own too.

So far, the Product Hunt community seems to think Switchboard is a “game-changing” idea worth testing out. What about you?

Work side-by-side

Pets are known to improve our mental health and well-being, but what about digital pets?

Serial entrepreneur, Itay Hasid, launched The Digital Dogs today as a proof-of-concept demo. The AI-driven good bois/girls were built to be interoperable, persistent-state, NFT-secured companions.

Are we getting close to being able to hop metaverses with our BFFs? You decide.

Get a furrever friend
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