Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 10th, 2022

A new networked note-taking app

There’s only a handful of things that gets productivity junkies more fired up than new calendars and time-management tools. One of them is note-taking apps.

Today, Alex MacCaw, who you might know as the founder of Clearbit, is launching Reflect, an app designed to mirror the way your brain works and act as your daily journal, whether that’s for work or personal use. The app allows back-linking topics to help you connect thoughts and ideas. It also integrates with your Google Calendar and Contacts, which means you can use it as a personal CRM.

The small team of three engineers started working on Reflect a year ago with a clear goal of building a lifestyle business that focuses on listening to users and iterating. “We don't have meetings or any corporate fluff that gets in the way,” the maker adds.

There’s a lot of competition in the space and among the interest that Reflect is getting on its launch today, some of you wanted to know: “how is this different?”

The way Alex describes what makes Reflect special is through the values they enforce. That’s speed (everything is client-side), security (the app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy), and reliability. He goes on to say that while some note-taking apps out there “prioritize growth over sustainability,” their goal is to keep the project bootstrapped, as a “modest sustainable business.”

If that still doesn’t clarify how Reflect compares to other existing solutions, one Reflect user also added: “it has the polished interface of Bear, the tagging and comprehensiveness of Roam, the cross-platform capabilities and polish of Evernote, and security-first position of Obsidian but with remote sync on top.”

We’re trying out something new and hosting a Twitter interview with Alex today.

If you want to pick his brains on making the switch from Clearbit, building Reflect as a lifestyle business, or living and working from a sailboat in the Atlantic, we’ll see you there.

The launch video of this AI-powered Netflix controller caught our attention over the weekend.

FREEZE uses your webcam and acts as a Netflix remote control. A “Rock ‘n Roll” hand gesture will pause and play your show while distancing your index and middle fingers will let you control the volume.
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