Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 6th, 2022

5 playbooks and guides to make building easier

Building is not easy. Fortunately, the maker community is a very resourceful and helpful one. We love when others share their knowledge and we continue seeing that happen all the time over discussions and on launches.

Recently, these makers curated and launched playbooks to make learning from others easier. Let’s take a look. 👇

Wizen Guides covers most topics indie makers will need when they’re just getting started. The makers interviewed founders and distilled their advice into actionable how-to guides for others to learn about marketing, product, and more.

Scaling Research Playbook by Maze x ADPList covers insights and advice from 30+ UX leaders sharing real-life examples and key principles.

“Our goal is to give UX leaders a practical guide on how to scale the impact of research by empowering product teams to run their own research and build a learning muscle in their organizations,” Maze founder shared.

The Science Based Playbook of Pricing provides practical recommendations and examples of price setting, based on research papers from scientific journals such as the Journal of Marketing and Marketing Science.

CXL Playbook Community is a bootstrapped project and offers over 2500 step-by-step marketing guides, ranging from growth to analytics and A/B testing.

Early Stage Founders Playbook is a book for founders who “love building features and struggle with marketing.” It contains 21 sections that will help you figure out what marketing tactics are most suitable for you, a curated list of 35 software tools to help you grow faster, and a planner with 36 marketing activities to take, average budget, and probable conversion rate for every activity.

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  • Shrug and Party Round teamed up to create VC Puzzle, a Monopoly-inspired 500-piece puzzle, showcasing 69 Venture Capital firms.

  • Capbase Startup Equity Calculator looks into your co-founders’ roles and responsibilities and proposes a fair equity split.

  • Taplio Stats for LinkedIn is a Chrome extension that lets you monitor key metrics, get inspired by viral content, and visualize any LinkedIn profile's top posts.

  • The Petcube team launched Spend with Ukraine to help support its economy by showcasing a list of handpicked products and services coming from Ukrainian makers.