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March 16th, 2022

Amie enters the race for your calendar

Amie is off to the races today as it launches into beta.

The product started gaining interest two years ago as its founder, Dennis Müller, left his job as a Product Manager at N26 (the Berlin-based neobank that’s gearing up for IPO) to work full time on productivity tools. Müller and an N26 colleague, Lukas Klinser, also launched, securing Product of the Day with their library of productivity hacks that highlights hidden shortcuts in your favorite tools.

Amie then picked up $1.3 million in funding from the European VC, Creandum (an early Spotify investor), and other angel investors to kickstart hiring and development.

Now, it launches today with its four-in-one app, combining your Gcal, to-do lists, scheduling links, and a personal CRM under the headline of joyful productivity. Overlapping tools enable you to do things like drag & drop to-dos into your calendar, or multi-select and color-code your meetings. Joy can be found in things like seeing your Spotify sessions in your calendar, a birthdays widget on mobile, and “emoji explosions.”

There is so much high-quality competition in this space (see: Cron, Vimcal, and Hera for starters), but maybe we don’t have to tell you that. A lot of you have already taken interest in Amie's launch video and chimed in with support, and to ask: “how do you compare to the rest?”

Müller responded that Amie is overall built to focus on how you engage with your colleagues. Its stand-out features include “advanced link sharing [with a] booking page that is really beautiful,” drag & drop to-dos with “way more power to be added soon, a mini personal CRM, [and a] really great mobile app." More integrations are coming soon, too.

Amie is slowly onboarding users into its beta. We’re told that Google API limits are the culprit, but the Product Hunt community gets to skip to the front of the list, with the first 200 people getting access immediately.

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