Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 10th, 2018

Stick-figure artists will HATE this! 😠
Machine learning isn't just about making programs more efficient. 🤨
The team behind the Kapwing (the modern meme maker) just launched Cartoonify, a magic algorithm that cartoonifies a photo into a drawing that any stick-figure artist would be proud of. Try it out.
This isn't the only AI-powered tool built for creatives:
📝 The AI built into Google's Quick Draw will try to guess what you're drawing in real-time. It's scarily accurate.
👀 Use with caution: you can now clone anybody's voice (to make them say anything). It's like Photoshop, but for audio.
🎨 Google's Arts & Culture app will find your doppelganger from tens of thousands of famous paintings using just a selfie.
😂 Your SO will LOL at this: AI for generating only the best memes.
While many of these tools are completely silly, they’re a good illustration (pun intended) of the future of art and tech’s influence on culture. When will AI create the first billboard top 100 hit?  Will CGI models replace real models (we’re already seeing a trend toward digital celebrities)? The future is weird.
Dive deeper: Justin at Algorithmia curated the 15 Most Creative AIs too. 🤖
15 Creative AI Tools

The personal identity space is heaaating up. 🔥

Firefox Lockbox just launched to help people manage their passwords across devices and websites, Apple just enrolled their 100,000 employees with 1Password (and is considering an acquisition!), and the Opera team just launched Opera Crypto, a cryptocurrency wallet built directly into their browser.