Opera Crypto

Opera's browser now has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet

Opera is launching a private beta version that will include a built-in crypto wallet.

Opera’s crypto wallet will support Ethereum Web3 API and will be integrated with a “default WebView” on top. The press release notes that the wallet will automatically add tokens and collectibles into the wallet.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Very interesting. I hope this makes dapps more accessible. The current standard of installing 3rd party extensions, creating a wallet, and funding is very inaccessible. Curious what's on the roadmap over the next year for Opera and your general thoughts on this space, @chetaaron.
Valerio Neri
Valerio Neri@valerioneri · Generalist / IT & Processes
@chetaaron @rrhoover yes, and having this support in the browser might reduce attack vectors exploiting browser plugins
Lazar Jovanovic
Lazar Jovanovic@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
Good move Opera! This is the way to return into the world of browsers!
Sven van der Zee
Sven van der Zee@svenvdz · Founder PlayStudio apps
Omg next level shit
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on Qlearly.com
That's really interesting and it seems to be very well executed! Looking forward seeing what they do next with crypto.
Jay Wallace
Jay Wallace@mootpt · Entrepreneur
Looks like they rolled back? Official blog post and opera.com/crypto 404s
@mootpt It's still online and they send out beta invites.