Take your passwords everywhere with Firefox Lockbox. Just log in to Lockbox with your Firefox Account, and your saved usernames and passwords will sync to the app using 256-bit encryption. So you’ll have easy access to online accounts, even on the go.

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Seems well timed given the rumors of Apple swallowing up 1Password (though, denied!).
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Thanks! We’re especially excited for iOS 12 when the password autofill API is available in the web browser and apps! No more clunky share sheet extensions. :)
Are you planning on an Android app with AutoFill? The Autofill APIs are already available for use, unlike on iOS.
@rithvikvibhut yes Android is currently in the works. Sign up if you're interested in being notified once it is released! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...
@ryangaddis done! Looking forward to testing it. One last question: Will this be a separate service in the future, or free as part of Firefox Sync?
@rithvikvibhut It's still early. We expect to always have a free service that provides our users a better means of keeping track of their passwords. In the future, we may have additional premium services to offer.
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