Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 3rd, 2016

Some pretty incredible launches this past month πŸ™
The Best of October πŸ†
A lot has happened in October. Google showed the world it can build very good hardware, Nintendo launched a gaming console from the future, Slack launched a new app for Mac, and there were two new Slack competitors that came out: Slack by Microsoft and Workplace by Zuck.

Did we mention Google (and Microsoft) are now really good at hardware?

There's an impressive amount of +1,000 upvoted products in October, including the most upvoted of the month. See them all, and more in the Best of October collection on Product Hunt. 🐱
Invisible Apps:Β Text, email, and tweet to make stuff happen. Apps without an interface that work in the background (or via voice) are the future. Here are some pretty cool ones.Β πŸ•Ά
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