Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's new console for the home and your hands 👾

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Jack Dweck@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
This will always be my favorite Nintendo console:
David McGraw@xmcgraw · Founder • Builder • U.S. Marine Veteran
@jackdweck the best!
adam mashaal@adammash · Founder of Being. East Village, NYC
@jackdweck Ocarina of Time is still my favorite game of all time.
Christien@clouvi · Managing Partner of SellPersonal.com
@adammash the way you could get lost in the world on that horse was so innovative and fun!
Steve McGarry@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
@jackdweck Agreed
Drew Meyers@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
@jackdweck goldeneye..
Janos Rusiczki@kitsched · Tinkerer
@jackdweck it doesn't count if you weren't as excited as this kid
Paresh Patel@abhisihelp · Co-Founder, Abhisi Help Desk
@jackdweck That image is a classic. Brings back some fond memories!
Hunter@doyoulikesports · Co Founder, Paranoid Fan
@drewmeyers @jackdweck Ya'll are making me feel so nostalgic
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Meaningful comment alert: WANT edit: I do think its a little ugly tho 🙊
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
You can read their press release here
James Mcnally@james_mcnally · work at a mobile agency, @jamakiss on IG
@bentossell poor nintendo.com
Kevin Ayuque@kevinayuque
@bentossell I was thinking the same thing but the design has grown on me
Vamsi Varanasi@vamsikvaranasi · Product Manager, Securifi Inc
@bentossell Mario was a little ugly too, no?
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Super interesting to see it's both a home and handheld console. But it's not the first console they've announced this year. Nintendo has some of the best IP's. I'm probably in the minority but I'd love to see a Super Mario RPG sequel.
Matt Braun@mattbraun · Principal, magnate interactive ltd
@rrhoover I was just listening to the Super Mario RPG soundtrack the other day! I'd love to see a sequel, too.
Christian Montoya@cm0nt0y4 · Looking for a new opportunity
@rrhoover That's still in my top 10 games of all time. But I've already given up hope in a sequel :(
Ryan Gilbert@ryangilbert · workspaced.com
@rrhoover really looking forward to that Classic Mini 😬
Justin Jackson@mijustin · MegaMaker
@rrhoover I think the real play is here is "make gaming social again." If you look at the teaser video most of the examples are people playing the Switch together, in real meat-space.
Michael Ahdoot@mikeyahdoot · Co-founder of Habit Nest
@rrhoover @mattbraun @cm0nt0y4 If you're a fan of SMRPG, I highly recommend this mod for it -- one of the coolest things I've ever played (FF characters & Pokemon in a SMRPG game!?) http://www.insanedifficulty.com/...
Julian Lozano@julianlozanoaz · Designer at Fishermen Labs.
@rrhoover Have you checked out the Mario & Luigi Series?
David Chang@chang2301 · Founder, Ziltag
@rrhoover They said it has the power of Xbox One....So Xbox One + PS Vita = Nintendo Switch?
Derek E. Silva@dereksilva
@rrhoover Super Mario RPG forever.
Saurabh Hooda@hooda · Founder, Lenro
test comment.
noah rosenberg@nrose · founded Pikazo, now a new thing
@rrhoover they merged the series with paper mario, the new one is great
BrianBest@brianbest · Software Developer
This looks amazing, but that battery life better be equally amazing.
Christian Montoya@cm0nt0y4 · Looking for a new opportunity
Called it! https://medium.com/@decktonic/on...