Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 27th, 2018

Build an app with a spreadsheet. No code required.
Try sheetbase 📊
New technologies become easier to use over time as programs, platforms, and plug-ins are built.
Once upon a time, rooms of accountants would manually update spreadsheets, sketched on chalkboards. If one input changed, they would recalculate every other cell. Now, we get computers to do it for us and check Twitter all at the same time.
Spreadsheets are starting to eat the web development world. Sheetbase was #1 on Product Hunt yesterday, a tool that converts Google Sheets into programmable databases for your websites or apps.
It's pretty nifty: it combines Google's free spreadsheet software with JavaScript frameworks into a free database.
Sheetbase isn't the only spreadsheet-powered web development tool:
🛠️ Sheetsu turns Google Sheets into a programmable API
📊 Tabledo will update your website using data from your spreadsheets
💻 Sheet 2 Site lets you generate an entire website from one Sheet
📦 Airtable Blocks let you run entire programs inside spreadsheet cells
If spreadsheets aren't your forté, Mailando will update your website copy with just one email, and Ship will get your startup's landing page ready before you run to your Memorial Day party. 🇺🇸🎉

Check to see if your data was sold without your permission. 😳👀

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