Create dynamic websites using data from your spreadsheets

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Hello, everyone. It's a pleasure to launch today on Product Hunt. Thank you @andrewett for your help! We built an MVP for Tabledo almost a year ago to launch Bookcelerator It was a Laravel + MySQL + Bootstrap based project. Then one of the users asked us to build a similar data-driven CMS for him and we build Groundera At that point, we realized we can do a service that will give users an opportunity to create dynamic websites using data from spreadsheets. We picked Fieldbook to get data through API and built the first project using the service. Our first paying customer was Katy Maradona. She launched Transferslot 2 months ago, got 950 upvotes and sold the project on the next day! Now we are live with our open beta of Tabledo. Signup and play with it. Let me know if you have questions or need any help.
@vasvaskul hey Van, I really need your help this seems to me a great chance to grow my startup and some other projects I have. The matter is that I don't know how in the world I have to do some things and I wish you can write me or chat through the app you can also reach me by twitter as Kev_Aguirre.
@kev_aguirre hey. Please drop me a line at I will help.
@vasvaskul great I'll write you ASAP
@vasvaskul did you get My email?
Awesome project. Would love to see more templates for competitions (rankings).
@levkangin Thank you! Sure, we will add more templates.
This is very clever. I'd love to see some customization features for design tough. I'm also wondering what the biggest benefit is your users experience vs using a platform like Wordpress. I do think this has serious potential. Good luck with the launch!
@fouad_tolaib thank you! The biggest benefit is that you can update a lot of data on your site with a couple of clicks, not by editing every post one by one.
@vasvaskul now thats a major USP!
Love it πŸ‘πŸ½
Looks amazing! Will use it for sure.