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You bring the pictures and videos, we’ll bring the music and tools! Download the best story app to share your favorite moments.

Easily add your favorite music to your video and photos, with millions of tracks from top artists to choose from! With the hottest tracks in every genre, including pop, rock, rap, trap, electronic, R&B, and more.

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Won’t there be any copyright issues with using music from Spotify etc? The app looks great, btw.
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@faisal_hassanx This! It will quickly be taken down for copyright infringement. Also, they monetize their app which will make matters even worse.
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Hmm what will come knocking on your door first - the licensing problems or Instagram's native music support for stories? 🤔 Nevertheless, I really support this idea, and I wish makers best of luck. Music is a great way to express yourself.
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@igoruphere I completely agree with what you said and it seems like that's where everyone else is at as well. It's a bit unfortunate. As someone who's been in the music industry for a long time, this could actually help the artists. However the law is the law and some labels are almost wishing for things like this to keep their lawyers busy. Maybe @de_ascanio, @victorbaro, @aracem you guys could consider adding a non removable watermark? In this case you could probably get artists backing your project and that could have an impact.
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@guillaumebardet another way to approach this would be to offer indie artist music, who need the support most. But I guess it would kill the thrill of choosing your favorite songs or abusing hits that everyone loves for like-whoring. 🤷‍♂️ Then again, it would likely give a valuable key differentiator from Instagram's own content (they are 100% gonna license all of the mainstream).
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@igoruphere they're definitely in a tough spot but I am sure the intent is good. Hopefully they will find a solution around this and manage to keep building this project further. Just a few contracts could get them a wide catalogue!
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Reminds me of when Mindie (RIP) created a clever hack to upload mini music videos directly into Snapchat. When I shared stories with music, instantly people would message me asking how to do the same. Will play with this. 😊 cc @gregoirehenrion
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Music from Spotify is a killer feature!


Super easy to create a video with music


Could have more configuration options

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Imagine all the food that gets cold because people spend even more time crafting Insta Stories!
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