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May 23rd, 2018

5 BIG launches from Tinder, Airbnb, Coinbase, and more 🚀
Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. A magical first date turns into a lifetime of dinners, inside jokes, and shared cat pictures.
Tinder just launched a new feature to help you meet your neighbor, the barista down the street, and other lovely people nearby.
Tinder Places matches you with people who hang out at the same spots that you do. Instead of starting every single Tinder conversation with Aziz Ansari's line from Master of None, you'll have a unique ice breaker and your first-date spot already lined up.
Tinder Places is powered by Foursquare’s API, live in Australia and Chile, worldwide soon. Check it out. 😘
That wasn't the only big launch of the day:
📈 Coinbase just launched another trading platform, Coinbase Pro, as a formal rebrand of GDAX. They also acquired year-old exchange Paradex.
🏘️ Airbnb quietly launched Airbnb Stories, which is exactly what it sounds like. See if it lives up to Snapchat's legacy.
🔍 Google completely revamped Google Trends, which graphs the popularity of every topic, story, and meme.
📝 InVision launched a sneek peak of their new InVision Studio Platform, which is like an App Store for designers.
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