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March 23rd, 2021

From SaaS startup to Unicorn
See Lattice's launch
It’s that time of the year again for many. No, not tax season, the other one: performance reviews.

Five years ago, maker Jack Altman introduced Lattice to our community after a few months of beta testing. As explained in the launch, Lattice’s goal is to turn the daunting beast of review writing into a manageable process that won’t scare off employees.

“Maintaining goals in a spreadsheet isn't enough; we wanted to make a tool where they are connected, engaging, and can evolve over time.”

The community responded largely with optimism and a bit of uncertainty from those who saw too much crossover with the project management tools they were already using.

Now Lattice has reached a $1B valuation after their latest funding round taking it to unicorn status. It appears that initial community optimism was well-founded.

Take a look at Jack’s profile and you’ll get a glimpse of Lattice’s growth into an integrated people management platform. In its initial launch, Lattice was a handy but bare board of tracked goals. Five months later, the team launched an iteration with Lattice Reviews, a key function of Lattice’s suite today. This was followed by Lattice Feedback, Lattice Engagement, Lattice Pulse, and recently Lattice Grow, an integrated tool to help managers and employees accelerate their careers.

Lattice is joining SaaS startups that boomed in tune with the “new normal,” like Notion which quadrupled its user base from 2019. Jack told Bloomberg that Lattice doubled in size over the pandemic as teams moved to remote.

Looks like silver linings attract unicorns. We’re watching to see who joins the club next.
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