Lattice Feedback

Give co-workers feedback in the moment

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We've been using Lattice for goal setting before, and it's great to see the team launch a dedicated feature specifically for feedback! Performance reviews are always a nuisance, and tools like Lattice Feedback help make them more efficient and effective.
Looks good on paper. Have you seen any evidence that it might cause anxiety? I learned from a professor not to give general compliments as a leader/manager, because people will expect them and will have second thoughts if you don't say anything. What if you do something right and get that instant feedback and gratification, and next time there's no quick response? Does that mean they don't approve of something you did? Feels eerily close to that black mirror episode
@jeffrey_wyman this professor has it completely wrong πŸ˜‚ we Humans are emtional creatures and very Guided by praise and encouragement The real question will be , WHY DONT YOU PRAISE HIM BACK IF HE DESERVE IT ?
@otymix my example probably deserved more explanation. it's not that you don't give praise when someone deserves it, it's that you don't say things like "I like your shirt!" because what if next time, you don't compliment their shirt, they might take that personally that you don't like it.
@jeffrey_wyman that's ridiculous.
Beautiful software that makes better managers. I would've killed to have something like Lattice when I was managing a larger organization.
We've been using Lattice for goal setting and we are super excited to begin using performance reviews and feedback. It's been an invaluable tool to align employee efforts and performance to company performance.
This looks really neat and I like how it's integrated with email etc.. We use TinyPulse - I think what gives you the advantage is that Lattice is much more than just feedback. I imagine this sits in nicely with the rest of your product suite and come performance review time managers would be able to see feedback that has been given etc?
@itsharisq exactly! come time for performance reviews and you're writing your feedback on a coworker, we surface the private feedback you've given them, public praise they've gotten, and any private notes you've taken on them to try and overcome the recency bias that can happen during the performance review process.