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Employee-Centric Performance Reviews
360 feedback from managers and peers.
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Hey everyone! We first launched our goal management tool on Product Hunt about 5 months ago, and today we’re excited to share another big piece of our product: performance reviews. Frequent feedback is critical to helping employees grow and do their best work, and we’re excited to add it to our overall product alongside goal management and weekly check-ins. Here’s a quick video of how Lattice Reviews works:
Thanks for checking it out, can’t wait to hear what you think! Jack
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@jack_altman cool stuff. I see the site talks about a 14 day trial; but it doesn't give any info on pricing. the "goals", "reviews" etc. are also all listed as different 'products', but the sign up page just links to one url: 1) When signing up to Lattice, do you get access to all 3 'products', or are they separate things that you sign up for? 2) With the pricing, is it one global price; or are the "products" all priced separately?
Always appreciated the design of Lattice and problem you're solving, @jack_altman. I find the hardest part with any B2B tool like this is adoption and getting managers/employees to change habits. How are you "easing" companies into using Lattice?
Excited to try this. Lattice is becoming an increasingly essential part of our workflow.
Really interested in trying this out - surprised no one has tackled this yet!