Lattice Engagement

Engagement surveys combined with performance data

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Hey Product Hunt! Been a while since we’ve had a new product to share, really excited to be posting. Our product team has been working hard for months to build employee engagement surveys, a way for companies to get a sense of where their culture is strong and where it can improve. What’s particularly cool is that you can combine it with our performance management product to answer questions like “how are our top performers feeling?” or “what steps could we take to improve morale on our engineering team?” Often, you’ll be able to use Lattice to actually take those steps (e.g. encouraging more feedback, having 1:1s, setting goals, or doing regular 360s). Super excited to hear your thoughts and ideas! Jack and the Lattice team
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
We've used Culture Amp to gather feedback anonymously across the company at AngelList. It's been very helpful for me to identify areas where we can improve that teammates may be uncomfortable to share directly. I'm curious how this compares, @erondu, @jack_altman, and co. 🤔
@erondu @rrhoover the main new thing is the combination with our existing performance management product. There a bunch of interesting things you can learn when you combine "how are employees performing" and "how are employees feeling", which is something we've wanted to work on for a long time!
Tieshun RoquerreCo-founder, Namebase
Super excited about this — analytics within organizations is something the world needs more of!
Program Director (On Deck)
Hi @jack_altman Congrats on the launch on PH. Quite intrigued by how clean and simple the entire process looks like. One suggestion though: It would be helpful to everyone if you included a link to your product demo or the intro video in your description above. I had to spend some time hunting and finally found this really slick video on your site: