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March 8th, 2021

And the $5K grants go to... 💸
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Don your best hoodie. It’s time to announce and congratulate our February Makers Grant recipients! 🤩

These makers brought a lot to the Product Hunt community table, whether it was perseverance through solo entrepreneurship, cranking out products that delight, or being a cheerleader and product evangelist alongside their own builds.

Here are their acceptance words:

Aashni Shah of HypeDocs

“I thought the best thing about launching on Product Hunt was that I could finally say I launched on Product Hunt, but I was wrong - the support from the Product Hunt community is easily the best thing. I'm so honored to receive this grant and can't wait to build even more with it!”

Neil Sardesai of Battery Buddy

“I’m thrilled and absolutely honored to receive a Maker Grant! This is such a fantastic initiative to encourage people to make wonderful products and share them with the world.”

Sharath Kuruganty of Shoutout

“I have launched 8 products on PH in the last 2.5 years, and this news beats all of my PH accomplishments! This is such a cool initiative that will empower makers, and that's why I love PH. Thanks, guys.”

Sharath told us about his first steps in creating Shoutout — a tool that lets you tap into your social proof to create a "Wall of Love" in minutes.

Get some inspiration and advice from him here 👇.
Zapier has made its first acquisition!

The purchase was Makerpad for an undisclosed amount (and wonderfully, the ball got rolling with a tweet 🐦 that got noticed from Zapier's CEO). Makerpad is a no-code tool and community — a place where you can learn to build without code, then build things, and get hired.

Congratulations to Makerpad's founder, Ben Tossell, who is a former Product Hunt employee 🥳 .

Zapier has been an early no-code success. Despite only having one round of fundraising in 2012, it has managed to achieve a $5 billion valuation, reaching $10M in annual recurring revenue last summer. Now they’ll have a new built-in community with Makerpad, too.
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