Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 4th, 2021

$60M for your new CFO
Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Pilot.

Founders and makers wear so many hats—sometimes all of them. Back-office work like bookkeeping can be the most dreaded one.

The founders of Pilot felt it when they started their first two startups, too. So they dreamt up the tech-enabled, back-office solution they would have wanted to use themselves. Fast-forward four years, Pilot has 1,000+ clients, manages over $3B in transactions a year, and recently raised a $60M Series C from Sequoia.

If you’re a pre-revenue startup, a high growth company, or anywhere in between, Pilot can step in to manage your bookkeeping, taxes, budgets, R&D tax credits, and more—leaving you time for those other hats. 🧢

And they’ll use both human expertise and intelligent software to do it.

🤵‍♀️ On the human side, Pilot pairs you with a dedicated finance expert (a full-time, US-based Pilot employee). Their sole mission is to take care of your books and taxes, and give you advice and best practices for growth.

🤖 On the software side, Pilot’s powerful tech helps check the work so you know it’s error-free, giving crucial financial insights to help you run your business effectively.

These combined turn Pilot into an important partner for all things finance as you grow, whether you’re a founder in a garage or the CEO of a Series C company. Airtable,, CodePen,, and OpenAI have all taken advantage of Pilot.

“It’s been incredible working with Pilot to uplevel our financial models and analysis. I have been waiting years for a service like this!” - Dave, CFO,

With tax day 📅 around the corner, maybe the green visor is one of the hats you should give up. Pilot is offering the Product Hunt community 20% off your first six months.
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Leave a side project, take a side project.

BuyMySideProject project launched today to give product makers some cash on projects that need some love.

Here's a nice interpretation: "An ecologically cool idea, because those projects that we abandoned are drawing energy out of us. You need to move on and sell your ideas to those who will deal with them. And perhaps in the future, they will sell them to someone else." - Ipatov Anton
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