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March 7th, 2021

The latest in femtech ♀️
It’s International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating the achievements of women by doing what we do best – surfacing products.

One of the most important movements in the pursuit of women’s equality is bringing visibility and solutions to women’s health issues, especially since they affect huge portions of the population. These products are helping to set the foundation for a female-strong future. 💪

Pollie, which launched just last week, was created to simplify hormonal health. It matches women with a health provider based on a short quiz, to take the pain out of Googling for a professional who vibes with your style and can help with your issue.

With the launch of Oova, maker Amy Divaraniya talked about her fertility journey. She explained that the fertility tools she was using were “hardwired for a woman that had a 'normal' 28-day cycle,” making it difficult to know where she was in her cycle. That's why she created Oova, a contraception tool that measures two key fertility hormones and creates a picture of your fertility to help you get pregnant.

Leela also just arrived — an app giving women welcoming spaces to discuss all things health and wellness with other women who have similar experiences.

And let’s talk about sex.

Female-founded Coral just launched Coral 2.0, your personal sex and desire coach (note that Coral is for everyone, not just women!). Coral helps people achieve better intimacy through stories, science-based recommendations, and practical exercises that are curated to each person.

Women’s issues are human issues. 👏

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