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March 22nd, 2018
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Standing Desks: You've seen people use them, thought of getting one, maybe you use one.

We've seen a lot of these chair-less innovations on Product Hunt, including a standing desk for kids and a $299 electric table with a memory pad that remembers everything.

There's even a self-assembled, motorized standing desk from Ikea. It comes with everything you need, except a weekend of your life.

If you want to work with a view, you can also get a window-mounted standing desk.

Check out the full collection of standing desks on Product Hunt. πŸšΆ
RIP Internet Privacy: How To Protect Yourself Online πŸŒπŸ”“

Step 1: Use a VPN like TunnelBear or Cloak. VPNs hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic across the web to keep you safe.

Step 2: Use HTTPS everywhere (as opposed to regular HTTP).

Step 3: Use a tool like Micro Snitch to protect your private data from being sent out, and Snoopie, which shows you who's watching you across the web. πŸΆ

Step 4: Use secure mail clients like Hop Encrypted Email or ProtonMail.

Step 5: Use a password manager, enable two-factor authentication, and share with a friend the Don't Get Hacked collection.
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