Ikea Bekant Standing Desk is a motorized standing desk from Ikea.

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This is great. In terms of the market, I think this will make a big splash considering the next cheapest motorized standing desks start at over $700 (minus standdesk.co which is pre-order only).
I bought one here in Vancouver, Canada. Been using it for about 2 weeks now. I went with the white base with tabletop. I thought that the birch looked kinda cheap in the showroom. The white top is OK. Classic Ikea tabletop. The base is excellent. The motor takes the tabletop from about a height of 22" to about 48" in about 20 seconds. The base was $500 CAD and the tabletop was $80. If you're putting together an office, buy this desk and ditch the classic Galant desk.
I knew they would do this eventually but thought they would go for a much lower price point.
@Percival agreed, seems pretty pricey. I'd say at about 2 - 300 would be more reasonable.
This desk has been available for quite some time in the Netherlands. I bought it over 2 years ago, and it works like a charm. Highly recommend it.
@workbymark Same for Sweden. Ikea has been selling motorized standing desks here for quite a long time. Happy to see they decided to start selling these products in other countries as well.
is this available to purchase right now?
@liveink yes I believe so
@hnshah @liveink going to convince @marymin to buy one for the house right now