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Robleh Jama
Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Big fan of the TunnelBear team and product (we work out of their old office here in Toronto). It's my VPN of choice. Congrats on the launch @ryandochuk and team! Looking forward to trying the new MacOS app.
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Ryan Dochuk
Cofounder, TunnelBear
@robjama Thanks Robleh for hunting our new app! When TunnelBear got started five years ago, we really wanted to build a privacy app that was so simple and fun that anyone could use it. With this, our second major redesign we think we're closer than ever. A few of my favorite things about this design (besides the bears) is the detail we able to go into building unique app that felt respectful of the differences for how people use Windows and macOS. On macOS, for the minimalist, we also have a "mini-mode" where you can hide the visualization and get straight down to business. One last thing, if you miss the warm wood, don't be disappointed, with the app open type "wood" and you'll have a nice little surprise. ;) Thanks!
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Andy McIlwainContent & Community @ GoDaddy
@robjama @ryandochuk Fellow Torontonian + TunnelBear fan checking in. Loved the little "clunk" sound the app made when activated.
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I'm a big fan of Tunnel Bear. It's a dead simple VPN with good speeds at a great price -- and unlike certain others, they don't log users' activity. PLUS THOSE BEAR PUNS! In addition to the face-lift, which is what everyone will immediately notice in this update, the new app features a trusted networks feature that's just great: you can set TunnelBear to activate automatically on any network that isn't your home (or whatever Trusted Networks you specify) so you never have to worry about remembering to activate it the next time you're out -- now I'm hoping they figure out a way to bring this to iOS! Great service, great update.
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Derek Nuzum
Product Manager | Web Developer
Been a TunnelBear user since its early days. Really happy to see the update!
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Elizabeth S Hunker
If I'm going to use a VPN, it might as well be one this adorable. @ryandochuk @robjama
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William ZhouHead of Growth @ Sportle
Damn, that is a handsome bear. Awesome VPN too. I use and recommend it
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