Standing desks designed for kids

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Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens
Yes Michelle, you are right on. We've had great feedback from a teacher who has seen his student with ADHD become so much more calmer. And to his surprise it was even easier to keep him at a standing desks - which is something that many teachers are afraid of because they can just "run away". Thank you for your nice comment!
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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I'm yet to use a standing desk but as sitting down is such a bad habit, I love that makers are taking into account the health benefits and really trying to push it out there. I do think that I need to try a standing desk!
Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens
Hi Ben! Let us know if you have any questions. We'd gladly help you make your decision making easier :)
Andrew Fecheyr
@andruby · Technical director @ BubblePost
I love how Jaswig's mission is to get kids in school to standup during class. The adult sizes are great to work from and you can order one on Kickstarter (http://kck.st/1Jc6Up8). They're over 90% funded so they should reach their goal soon. Getting them funded will help them put more standing desks in children's schools. Let's help them get the next genera… See more
Evan Clark
@evanlaclark · Student and Product Junkie
Cool product! I can see a lot of these being in coworking spaces on college campuses!
Michelle Nickolaisen
@_chelleshock · Owner, Bombchelle Industries
I love this idea! It seems like it would also be especially good for kids who fidget or even have ADHD - I've read that giving them something to do with their body (even if it's just standing) can make it much easier to focus during class.