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January 25th, 2018

RIP Coinbase
Join Robinhood Crypto
Golden Kitty Award nominee, Robinhood, just announced their big expansion into crypto, soon to offer Bitcoin and Ether transactions inside the popular stock trading app starting in February. We all knew it was coming but we didn't think it would look like this:

"The designer was definitely pumping the Tron soundtrack on repeat while working on this."Ken

"RIP Coinbase" is intentionally hyperbolic but with crypto's popularity literally off the charts and Coinbase rumored to have made over $1 billion in revenue in 2017 (charging 1.5% to 4% in transaction fees), Robinhood's zero-commission approach is going to be very popular.

Since the announcement 24 hours ago, 397,982 (!!!) people signed. Reserve your spot now and while you’re waiting for you invite, check out the Golden Kitty Award nominees in the crypto/blockchain CATegory. Voting ends this Sunday!
"By far coolest tech meetup of 2018" – Annabel

It may only be January but we're honored by the compliment. It was a pleasure seeing so many internet friends at the 4th annual Product Hunt community meetup IRL last night. BIG thanks to our partners, Google, Zendesk, Grammarly, Algolia, Spoke, Omni, and Intercom for making it happen. 🎉
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