Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 22nd, 2018

CryptoCelebrity is the new CryptoKitties 😺🔥
The next big blockchain game is here. It’s called  CryptoCelebrities. Users have spent over million dollars in Ether (!!!) “buying” celebrities in the first 24 hours of the game’s launch. The most popular celebrity smart contracts are selling for several thousands of dollars (worth of Ether).

👽 Vitalik Buterin: 20.16 ETH ($19,317)
⭐️ Angelina Jolie: 13.47 ETH ($10,549)
⁉️ Satoshi Nakamoto: 13.47 ETH ($12,906)
🎃 Donald Trump: 11.01 ETH ($10,549)

Part of the reason for the inflating prices is in the design of CryptoCelebrity’s smart contracts. Every time a celebrity is purchased, its price increases. So, if you’re a Belieber and you believe in decentralized technologies, you might want to buy Justin Bieber today.

This concept is very similar to Stolen, an app that went viral in early 2016, before Tim Cook received a letter from a U.S. congress member, urging Apple to shut down the app. 👀

Unlike Stolen, CryptoCelebrity is built on the blockchain, and not dependent on (centralized) Apple.
Check out CryptoCelebrity 🌟
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