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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2018

Never spend months working on a new product, only to have it never be seen!

Aidem is a simple tool to get your product in front of thousands of people with a single click. 🚀

We hand-craft custom pitches for every product, then manually submit them to hundreds of journalists, communities, and directories so you can focus on the important things.


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  • David WattsAutomation addict & founder @ powrbot

    Just signed up, very clean so far!


    Nothing as yet

    Looks like a great product so far.

    David Watts has used this product for one day.


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Ryan Heybourn@ryanheybourn · I built
Hey @juhaszhenderson, spoke to @15greenberg on Twitter earlier. Your site is a copy and paste of mine ( in its current state. Would appreciate if you could address this ASAP.
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Athena & Aidem Network
@15greenberg Hey @ryanheybourn! Your site is dope. Remixed some of your copy for mvp, but just changed it to something more original. 🎉
Sam Dickie@thisdickie · Product Manager| NoCode| BetaTesta
@ryanheybourn does seems very similar 🤔
Joon Kee Park@joon_kee_park · Student @Stanford, Operations @Anyfi
@juhaszhenderson @15greenberg @ryanheybourn Seems to be a similar product but with very a very different value prop. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Instaaa is a pretty much a database of the public story tip emails or submission boxes of publications. Aidem is different as these two are leveraging their own network of journalists/communities. Whereas Instaaa saves you time because you don't have to submit your own product into each one of these publicly available sites, Aidem promises to add value (and save time) because the founders have their own network. Definitely different in what the two offer.
Edward Vasquez@edwardvasquezdr · Founder of
@juhaszhenderson @15greenberg @ryanheybourn @joon_kee_park is very similar xD, until the text looks like jejeje
Thomas Storfjord@thomasstorfjord · Founder of
I just submitted my company to both Aidem and Instaaa, so we'll get a comparison. I'll report back with the results :)
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Athena & Aidem Network
Hey everyone! 👋 Thanks for hunting us @_jacksmith. 🎉 Daniel and I have completed dozens of growth hacking projects like Rumblr (featured by 200+ media outlets in 4 days: and Hacbook Elite (six figures in sales through press and forum marketing: In our experience, launching is the most annoying, tedious part of building something new. Spending months pouring your heart and soul into a completely new product––only to have it seen by 100 people––is exhausting. Aidem is a simple tool to get your product in front of thousands of people with a single click. We hand-craft custom pitches for every product, then manually submit them to hundreds of journalists, communities (like Show HN), and directories (like the Startup Button). 🚀 Aidem is the tool we’ve always dreamt of to take care of shitty launch days where we’d imagine spending our time––instead of filling out hundreds of forms and sending hopeless press outreach emails––talking to users, fixing bugs, and getting upvotes. “What if we could just, like, pay someone to do this 💩 for us?” That’s what Aidem’s for. It’s a completely manual solution: no bots and no spam. Daniel and I write all of the pitches ourselves, then manually send them to our own network of writers and journalists. We don’t copy/paste/spam “open databases of reporter emails.” That doesn’t work. Our process takes 5 days, submission takes 30 seconds, and it starts at just $49! We’ll be here all day answering questions! We’re going to continue refining this system, so we'd appreciate any and all feedback. 🙏 P.S. Bonus points if you can figure out where our name comes from. 🤔
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity ·
aidem = media spelled backwards? 🤓
Daniel GreenbergMaker@15greenberg
@swetzequity WOOHOO YAYYY- you got it
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Athena & Aidem Network
@swetzequity You've earned your pro badge today. 🎉
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity ·
Ermek Rysbek Uulu@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
I love this concept and the team behind it! I just signed up for my company
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Athena & Aidem Network
@bsmoder First customer cred! 💪🏼
Daniel GreenbergMaker@15greenberg
@bsmoder Thanks @bsmoder! so excited to get your product out there
Daniel GreenbergMaker@15greenberg
Thanks for hunting @_jacksmith! Like Matt said we'll be here all day answering questions. I also want to give a big shoutout to our awesome advisors @jjeremycai @stefanstok @afshin_pishevar @johnxie @aatsai @kyradurko @lucky_lance_gobindram @james_ingallinera and @cebsilver
Matt Henderson 🚀MakerPro@juhaszhenderson · Athena & Aidem Network