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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2018

VCWiz is the easiest way to discover relevant investors, get introduced, and keep track of your conversations. We've built the most comprehensive database of investors along with a fully-functional CRM that includes features like conversation tracking and email integrations.

  • John Forstmeier
    John ForstmeierData Scientist at HeavyWater

    Great place to centralize the process of reaching out to venture capital firms and track your progress with each of them


    Seems like there might be a few UI quirks but overall the functionality seems to be in place

    I'm a huge fan of the ability to link up your email and let VCWiz track your correspondence for you; it's a huge pain to have to do this manually, and automating it this way is a great idea.

    The design of the website is nice - very clean and clear cut. I also really like the option to look at a specific startup and see which investors have worked with them in the past (which provides an idea of who other members of the marketplace worked with).

    John Forstmeier has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Amazing discovery features found on no other tool, really synthesizes *everything* I need for fundraising all in once place. And the CRM!!!


    Not many govtech investors, but that's a function of the tech ecosystem rather than VCWiz (which showed me way more than I knew about)!

    - Beautifully designed and intuitive even for new users at any stage of the fundraising process

    - Thought I left no stone unturned when it came to possible investors, but the discovery feature on VCWiz really is amazing + has all investor info in one spot

    - Diagram of possible connections is amazing!! I can see from whom to get warm intros, etc.

    - Love the recommended lists

    - This is going to be incredibly useful as we fundraise

    Athena Kan has used this product for one month.
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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Got in early with this and think its really interesting! What is on the roadmap?
Yasyf Mohamedali
Yasyf MohamedaliMaker@yasyf · Head of Engineering, Dorm Room Fund
@bentossell smarter discovery is the big one. I want to start incorporating more (fairly basic) ML and build a stronger core recommendation engine. Lots of interesting ways to tackle this. Better social/graph integrations and intro facilitation are also on the list (for example, finding a way to merge the Intro Path and Intro Request features that currently exist). And of course, there's always a ton of continued work into cleaning the incoming investor data, and finding new data sources to incorporate.
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦@arthur_tkachenko · Building a tools for Food Tech projects
@bentossell @yasyf I sign up! hope it'll help me
Anthony Zhang
Anthony Zhang@anthonyjz17 · Founder @KnowYourVC, Thiel Fellow
It's been a pleasure for me and the Know Your VC team to partner with you in launching this tool! Great work 🤓
Yasyf Mohamedali
Yasyf MohamedaliMaker@yasyf · Head of Engineering, Dorm Room Fund
@anthonyjz17 thanks dude! it's been a fun ride :)
Kevin Lou
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Experience @ Italic
This is for sure going to be an essential seed round tool 👏
Yasyf Mohamedali
Yasyf MohamedaliMaker@yasyf · Head of Engineering, Dorm Room Fund
@kevinbryantlou thanks! we really feel strongly that something like this needs to exist, and be open & free. as a seed-stage founder, I've already had a lot of fun dogfooding it :)
Angela Gyetvan
Angela Gyetvan@notgyet13 · Founder & President, Digital Whisper
Was in early, think it's a great tool with lots of potential.
Yasyf Mohamedali
Yasyf MohamedaliMaker@yasyf · Head of Engineering, Dorm Room Fund
@notgyet13 thanks for helping us beta test, Angela!
Anup Gosavi
Anup Gosavi@_anupg · Building
Using it and sent a few intros already. Questions: 1. Does the software just send a cold-email to investors or they have actually opted-in to receive mails? Trying to judge if a cold email is better for response rate. 2. I am actively trying to reach out to FirstRound, but no warm intros :P. Do you suggest i use VCWiz or drop a cold email?
Yasyf Mohamedali
Yasyf MohamedaliMaker@yasyf · Head of Engineering, Dorm Room Fund
@_anupg 1. Double opt-in, just like a human intro would be! 2. VCWiz is a nicer interaction for both sides. More predictable format, and easier to respond to OR ignore for the investor, so it doesn't feel like spam.
Anup Gosavi
Anup Gosavi@_anupg · Building
@yasyf Thanks for the answers. Looking forward to using it more :)