Do People Say

Type in a phrase and see how native English speakers use it

A full-text search engine of English spoken corpus.

Find the context where English word or phrase is used or check if it is used by English speakers at all. Not sure if it's valid or not? Give it a try too!

Here're a few sample queries:

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Hey ProductHunt, the creator of DoPeopleSay is here! The project is my attempt to help non-native English speakers to achieve better writing. As a non-native speaker myself, I often struggled to figure out if I use a word or phrase correctly. I used to google the phrase but it didn't quite work all the time. That's how I came across an idea to build a user-friendly full-text search service of spoken English. It took me a few weeks to build it and now I'm here (quite surprisingly thanks to @micrum). The service helps me a lot in my everyday writing. I hope it will helpful for you too! Looking forward to your feedback.
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@micrum @henadzit I'm getting 504 errors and bad SSL config warnings...
@micrum @tyjayo Sorry for that! It should be fixed now. I was moving the server closer to Japan because the service got quite popular there.
As a non-native speaker, I am always looking for ways to improve my English and DoPeopleSay is a kind of tool that could help me eliminate grammar and style errors (way better than Google exact search :)
@micrum, thanks for hunting the project! It's still in a very raw state but I'm glad to hear that it's helpful!

And anyway a good start, and the project is already helpful. Hope to see it will grow and become more powerful.


Much better then Google for search by spoken word


would like to have more smart search

Thanks Alexey! Thanks for the review and being an early user!

I always use google translate. And sometimes i need to see how the word or phrase used in sentence. So i use google and social medya for usage of phrase.


it self :)


translating search term to other language will be very good for me. But this s not cons actually.

Thanks, Gökşah! I hope the product is going to be useful for you!
Check out Reverso Context

DPS is so much better than just a random google search (yes, as a non-native English speaker I used to google perfect words combinations in phrases I wasn't sure about). The other thing that is painful for non natives is using proper prepositions. DPS helps me with that, too.




Haven't found any

Thanks, Lena! It makes me happy to hear that it's useful for someone. I really didn't think that it's gonna be used much by anyone except me.