All of the components, layouts and typography are made according to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. The naming convention of each component strictly follows Apple Developer Documentation so you can get familiar with it when you implement your designs in Xcode.

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Hi Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Super excited and finally we launch the UI Kit that we vision. We kind of late into the UI Kit field so we tried to make this UI Kit as accurate as actual iOS design that you see on your iPhone. Just like @mengto mention, this UI Kit contains tons of Nested Symbols and customizable! And we have design iOS native pickers too which can't really find in other UI Kits, now it is exclusive to Design+Code UI Kit. πŸŽ‰ Other than you can use this UI Kit to kickstart your next project, you also can use it when learning Sketch lessons in Design+Code 2 book. We'll keep this UI Kit as updated as possible, and feels free to give your feedback, we love to hear it! 😍
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Hello Product Hunt! We spent over a month working on this gigantic UI Kit, with a ton of Nested Symbols, Overrides and wanted to make it as accurate as possible, following Apple's HIG. It works as a Sketch Library and has a Dark mode for every component. You can customize the colors, icons, and content as you wish, and everything will be fully adaptive! To be frank, we wanted to release one 3 months ago, but we were too busy with Design+Code's book content and the iOS app. Instead, we chose to come late in the game, but really spend the necessary time to make it super detailed and comprehensive. We hope you enjoy this massive effort. We'll keep it updated! We'd love to hear your feedback! Big shoutout to @pizza0502 for working so hard on this! Meng
This UI Kit should be installed by default as a Sketch library for all iOS designer out there! Can't imagine how much work has been done to achieve such polished details on all iOS UI elements. πŸ™Œ Congratulations on the launch @mengto and the whole team! 🀘
@geek_1001 thanks for the kind words 😍 we'll keep shipping more great stuffs!
Great job !! Will check them out soon 😊
congratulations on launching :) It looks interesting!
@valiahavruliyk Thanks! Yeah, and it is an interesting project we've done too! Try using it and give us any feedback! πŸ˜„