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September 13th, 2017
This morning TNW’s Matt Navarra uncovered Facebook’s rumored video chat app, Bonfire. 🔥

Like Houseparty, open the app to instantly jump into a live video chat with friends. Unlike Houseparty, it includes ridiculous and silly Snapchat-like face filters.

While brand new, Bonfire essentially launched inside of Facebook Messenger late last year (#3 most upvoted product for the day). This is yet another example of Facebook’s unbundling strategy, using well-trafficked apps like Facebook proper and Messenger to test new ideas before splitting them out into independent apps.

What's next? A dedicated Facebook TV app to compete with YouTube? Add your predictions here. 🔮
As expected, Apple launched the most advanced iPhone ever created.

Along with the iPhone X, pronounced "ten", Apple also came out with the new iPhone 7s (pronounced "iPhone 8"), a 4K TV, a gorgeous cellular Watch, and a new product called AppleJuice (pronounced "AirPower"), that will charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Watch together. That's right, no more cables.

Face ID Question: What happens if someone takes your iPhone X and unlocks it by pointing it at your face? Join the conversation
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