iPhone 8

Now with better camera, battery life, and wireless charging

iPhone 8 is Apple's newest phone, with a faster processor & louder speakers.

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I think the move to the naming 8 rather than 7s was, outside of the fact that it didn’t follow traditional ‘s’ standards in keeping same housing, was a marketing move to improve sales of a new phone next to an X model. Not to confuse those less engrained in tech culture who might have heard of an iPhone 7 already so an iPhone 7s may have gone under their radar alongside an obviously newly named X model.
It honestly looks really good. I love the glass design change.
Fanboys have moved on... comical.
@androidlove Yeah to iPhone X :P
They should have just skipped this one and offered the iPhone X as the new update and made it more affordable. It would have made more sense. This boring ass design of the iphone 8 is something we've seen for 3 years now.
I have to get one)