The new group video chat app from Facebook 🔥

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2017

Bonfire is the long-rumored Houseparty competitor for Facebook. It's a group video chat app that lets you hang out with your best friends and meet new ones. Open the app to start video chatting instantly.

It's currently only available in the Danish App Store.

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I always have mixed feelings about such obvious copies of competitors (e.g. Instagram Stories). - On one side, I'm outraged that such Big Cos copy so openly smaller startups - On a more neutral standpoint, I acknowledge the fact that they have the right to do it - But then as a user, I might find this version even better than the original and be delighted by it
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@gflandre facebook owns instagram…
@balupton yes, and they copied Snapchat
Unearthed on the Danish App Store. Hard to download if not in Denmark... but not impossible ;)
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@mattnavarra Finally we get something first.
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@mattnavarra @chopeh didn't you get Lego first?
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@chopeh Norway here and we don't have access.
@mattnavarra Wow. The screenshots look almost identical to houseparty. They aren't even being sly about this one.
A few months ago The Verge's @caseynewton spilled the beans on Facebook's Houseparty competitor. Today, @mattnavarra discovered Bonfire in the Danish App Store. While Facebook's essentially added the same functionality to Messenger, it makes sense to create a separate app to create its own notification system and social graph. I'm curious to hear Houseparty @benrbn's thoughts on this. EDIT: We wrote about Bonfire in today's @ProductHunt Daily. Get it while it's hot! 📰
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First Twitter with Meerkat competitor Periscope, now Facebook with Houseparty competitor Bonfire. I don't think he is too thrilled ;)
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@roy_hermann_ueland @rrhoover Seriously, Ben can't catch a break. Things were different with Meerkat. I hope with Houseparty, he is able to compete with Facebook.
@roy_hermann_ueland yeah, i feel bad for him but at the same time i feel really proud. shouldn't these companies (fb, twitter) hire him and his team instead? Look at those promising products theyve released recently, what more can they do with a bunch of cash in hand
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@roy_hermann_ueland @ohitsmerenz if he can't make 52M work then consider it another failure. the reality is facebook will clone anything in the social space so everyone must be prepared for the inevitable
@roy_hermann_ueland @ohitsmerenz @gradx Yea it kind of a sad reality. I wonder if there is a play one could make to avoid this. Do you think Facebook considered acquihire before blatant copy?
Houseparty by Facebook
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Facebook: Masters at going where the puck has been...