Apple Watch Series 3 is the latest Apple wearable, introducing cellular connectivity, activity tracking, and heart rate monitoring, starting at $329.

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Who does such animation for Apple? Such class and detailing!
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@adithya it's so pretty 😭
@adithya there's no red dot on those, previous version!!
The best part of this for me is the cellular integration. Now you can stream music, take phone calls, and explore the wonderful world wide web without your iPhone. Although the activity and hearth rate tracking has the potential to make the biggest impact on peoples' lives by detecting health issues sooner. This makes me want to buy an Apple Watch for my grandparents.
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@rrhoover haha! let them be healthy and smart without depending on tech (like our generation)
@rrhoover I personally don’t think I can justify the extra monthly cost of the cellular option (whatever that may be)
@rrhoover @hickmanzackary $10/ month isn't too bad actually.
What's up with the red dot on the digital crown for all the LTE versions?!?! Do you think I could take a sharpie and black it out?
@saulsutcher i imagine it makes support way easier - press the red button is way easier than saying press the crown, what is the crown? the top swirly button on the side that doesn’t look like a button, etc etc
I think this will end up being the underrated announcement from this keynote. The ability to untether yourself from your iPhone is pretty big.
@hayden_evans The feature hasn't been especially revolutionary in other smartwatches.
@cacarr I don't think other smart watches have as good of an OS as watchOS is on the Apple Watch.
@hayden_evans True, except for where it isn't better -- like notifications handling, and Google Assistant is superior to Siri. At any rate, just noting that LTE in a watch isn't an Apple innovation.
@hayden_evans I felt that way too, this was the best of all. Specially since I'd been considering getting a Light phone
@cacarr I didn't say that it was particularly "innovative" - I know plenty of other smart watches have had LTE/cellular connectivity for a while. All I am saying is that it is an impactful development for people who use both an iPhone and an Apple Watch and don't want to be weighed down by carrying their iPhone all the time.
Why did they discontinue apple watch series 2 and still keep the series 1?
@neekunjshah because this is basically a series 2 with lte. The series 1 is discounted, and it’s now the budget model.
@neekunjshah @zduboss Plus not much of a price difference between the series 2 & 3
@neekunjshah @zduboss @ryan_lieb Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if it was for margins. The series 2 probably cannot be made cheap enough to get to the $249 price point.