Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 2nd, 2020

A new gym where robots watch you

In December, we wrote about the first AI-powered yoga assistant, a product that uses motion tracking and data to analyze your movements during yoga. Now, AI-enabled fitness is extending beyond yoga and coming for your entire exercise routine.

Last week, Next! Fitness launched on Product Hunt to help gym goers *actually* achieve their goals. How it works: Users work out with smart mirrors in a physical gym (the first one is in SF) that demo how to do each workout, count your reps and give feedback on your form. More specifically, the smart mirror gym will give you a detailed workout plan and encourage you to push a little further. After finishing an exercise, the mirror will point you to where in the gym you need to go for your next exercise.

Next! Fitness is reflective (no pun intended) of the rise of fitness startups that utilize smart mirrors and screens, which includes products like Mirror, Tonal and Peloton. What’s different about Next! Fitness is the physical element — it’s just a regular gym but with smarter equipment. 💪

Some early reviews from users:

“I got to go to their SF gym. The smart mirror looks amazing and the space is gorgeous. I quite like the ability to track my reps in the app.” - Manish

“I love the fact that it could turn a workout into a social experience.” - Austin

“I was fortunate enough to test out Next last month as a beta user. The full gym experience, recommendations, and body composition insights were better than any gym I've been too.” - Adam

Would you sign up for this? Tell us here. 👈


What does an internet treasure hunt look like? This. 🤔

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