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January 30th, 2020

NEW: The emergency kit startup

The last frontier of DTC startups seems to be...emergency kits. 🚨

According to JUDY, a company that launched earlier this week to help people better prepare for emergencies, over 60% of Americans have no plan in disaster situations. JUDY’s solution is a bright orange box full of things like meal replacement bars, water, first-aid supplies, phone chargers, blankets and dusk masks, along educational content to better prepare you for emergencies.

That last part — the educational content — is what JUDY hopes will separate it from the competition; the company can help you prepare for emergencies depending on where you live in the world. If you go to the company’s website, there’s a nifty little tool that lets you enter your zip code to understand the natural disasters that could occur in your area, such as earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes. You can then download a corresponding plan to understand how to better prepare for unpredictable emergencies.

“Over a year ago, we set out with the mission to understand why American families were so vastly underprepared for emergencies. Through this journey, we’ve spoken to hundreds of people across the country and tapped some of the greatest minds in emergency management. We learned quickly that the act of purchasing an emergency kit is not enough. Without the knowledge and know-how of what to do in an emergency, you are not prepared.” - JUDY Maker Nik Sharma

Would you get a JUDY kit? Tell us here. Here’s what a few early adopters think:

“I remember over preparing for certain emergencies as a child - would be much better to have actually guided walkthroughs for the whole family.” - Trent

“A DTC brand for emergencies. Very clever! The design is pretty dope as well.” - Anthony

“My wife put one of these together once the earthquakes and fires started in LA. Her brother is Army Special Forces so he helped a lot based on domain knowledge but we found many of our friends were unprepared as well. It’s one of those things you wish you had after it’s already too late.” - Sean

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Holistic health...backed by science. What do you think of this new healthcare platform? 🤔