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December 15th, 2019

The RSS for people
RSS feed for people

“Every once in a while I'd discover someone new, and I'd want to learn more about how they think. The problem was, all of the content that they've generated is scattered around the web.” Maker Faraaz Nishtar

This a problem that most people who regularly browse the internet can relate to; someone leaves a virtual impression on you, so you scour personal websites, Twitter, podcasts, Medium pages, and YouTube accounts to dig up more of their content.

With so many entrepreneur types sharing war stories and lessons learned across the web, this problem is especially rampant in startupland. So Faraaz made a (growing) directory to bring content from people like Ben Horowitz, Jessica Livingston, Stewart Butterfield, Naval Ravikant, Brianne Kimmel and many others to one centralized place. is like an RSS feed for people — it includes podcasts, essays, tweets and interviews. You’ll also get notified whenever your favorite content creator/influencer/role model shares new media.

“Love the subscription feature! Also, Paul Graham's avatar is the cutest.” - Alisha

“Love this - so many gems from people whose content I thought I already knew well.” - Chao

“Besides the really really smart category design, the site is just so visually friendly and warm.“ - Edward

“This is easily going to become a first stop in so many searches. There is a lot of potential in this.” - Mark

Who else should be in this directory? Let Faraaz know (P.S. He made this as a side project). 👏

While this is a great source of inspiration from individuals who have made waves in tech, you can also use this to find new people to follow on Twitter and this to share your own profile as a Maker. 🙌


Need to have cities in your mockups? Use this library of illustrated and animated cities (from around the world) in your designs. 🌉

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