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Renting a car just got easier

#3 Product of the DayDecember 13, 2019
Now you can rent a car for road trips, moving day, errands, and that much-needed weekend escape. You won’t pay extra for gas, and Lyft covers your ride to and from the rental lot (up to $20 each way). No lines, hidden fees or last-minute vehicle model changes.
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Glad to see this. I've had the worst experience with other P2P car rental services. I used to use Skurt (great service) before they shut down.
@rrhoover skurt was a great service. Turns out delivering cars is operationally challenging.
@rrhoover great concept indeed. is now delivering rental cars to your door in SF! Let me know if you wanna try it
This makes so much sense. I've used Turo and Getaround a ton but would love one central app for on-demand transportation needs. Smart move by Lyft if it can scale.
@taylormajewski Agreed - also found that there were so many hidden fees on Turo so hopefully this is a bit more transparent!
Is this peer to peer or corporate provided?!
Hi @ryanmarr! Not p2p. We have specific areas around the city that we operate.
This is basically a free car rental... at least with the current pricing.🔥💰🔥💰🔥
@chrismessina thanks for hunting us! Excited to hear your feedback after you try it.
This idea makes a ton of sense. High time someone centralized the car rental space. I wonder if Lyft will own and provide it's own fleet of cars for renting, or will it offering car rentals for privately owned vehicles - like what Lyft does