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#4 Product of the DayDecember 13, 2019
A growing directory of the best startup minds and all of their best content in one place. This includes podcasts, essays, tweets, and interviews. Discover forgotten gems and get notified when your favorite influencer releases any kind of new media!
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πŸ‘‹ Product Hunters! I'm Faraaz - the creator of waitwho.is and I'm very excited to launch my side project on Product Hunt! πŸ’‘What is it? Waitwho.is is an archive of some the best startup minds of our generation and all of their best content in one place! This includes every podcast, essays, tweet, and interview. β˜”οΈWhy? Every once in a while I'd discover someone new, and I'd want to learn more about how they think. The problem was, all of the content that they've generated is scattered around the web (Personal website, Twitter, Medium, Podcasts, YouTube etc.). I didn't know where to start! What I really wanted was a single place where I could find all of their content - with the really good stuff at the top. To put it another way, waitwho.is is the personal website I wish everyone else had. πŸš€What's next? So far I've indexed the content of some of my favorite people. There are many more great people out there (including non-startup folks) and so I'll be adding more people every week. If you'd like to become a contributor β€” or have any product feedback in general please DM me on Twitter or leave a comment below πŸ‘‡ https://twitter.com/FaraazNishtar
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@faraaznishtar This is a phenomenal product. It is really hard to sort through the best content and curation is what we need. I would gladly pay $100/year
@faraaznishtar looks like a good idea! The 3d shots are a bit unnecessary, I must say. But good luck! ;)
@nuthinking 😬but i love them
Love the subscription feature! Also, Paul Graham's avatar is the cutest.
Nice work getting all of this stuff together in one place!
Great selection! Loved falling down the rabbit hole with the curated content. This really cuts through the hustle porn. Awesome layout!
@ryonnixon lol "hustle porn" good point it basically has become that.
Love this - so many gems from people whose content I thought I already knew well. Looking forward to more profiles 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟