Product Hunt Weekly Digest
December 8th, 2019

An app to troll trolls

Deutsche Telekom (aka T-Mobile’s parent company) likes the color magenta. In fact, the company’s lawyers have sent Lemonade, the AI insurance startup, a letter ordering them to stop using the color magenta (which Lemonade uses in their brand and product). 😬

For context, Deutsche Telekom has a trademark on “magenta” and has gone after others (like AT&T, Engadget and aspiring watchmakers on Indiegogo) over the pink shade before (TechCrunch called them “trademark trolls“).

“Sounds like something a Disney villain would do, so you can imagine how c-r-a-z-y it was to discover this is real life.” - Lemonade Software Engineer Itamar Kestenbaum

In retaliation, Itamar decided to make sure the web at large stays Deutsche Telekom compliant. Last week, Pink-Out launched to “un-pink” the web against the company.

The Product Hunt community took to the comments to echo the sentiment #Freethepink.

No one have the rights to own a certain color. Not even T-Mobile.” - Yuval

“Love it when people actually take their time to play the game!” - Dominik

“While I don't object to McDonalds owning the trademark to a big yellow M, I really don't want them to be able to block other restaurants from using yellow or red at all. I'm not sure how a company can have the rights to do it. This extension is such a cool way to deliver them this message.” - Christine


What does Rotten Tomatoes for podcasts look like? This. 🍅🎙