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#5 Product of the WeekDecember 02, 2019
We give you a 360-degree profile based on the public and private data you hold on various coding sites like GitHub, StackOverflow or GitLab. We support you to show off your experience, improve your skills, and get job recommendations
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👋 Hello Product Hunters, Tibor here from CodersRank - and to be honest, I'm totally thrilled to be on Product Hunt 😻 We started CodersRank with the vision of supporting developers' professional growth. And to achieve this goal, we wanted to help you to - show who you really are, - learn new skills faster and more effectively, - get your dream job. So now, this launch marks a big step towards our goal providing you with this free tool. And here's a highlight of some CodersRank's best features so far: ************************************************************************* ✔ 360-degree developer profile Based on the public and private data you hold on various coding sites, we'd like to illustrate how experienced you are, which programming languages, technologies you prefer. Just let your commits speak for themselves. ✔ Leaderboards See how you compare to your friends, workmates, or other developers worldwide. Check your current position on the global leaderboard, and support your school or company in the competition. ✔ Custom-built learning path (beta) We analyze your strengths and weaknesses and show you where to improve. And you’ll also see how you're progressing with every commit you make. ✔ Personalized job offers Grow with those jobs which perfectly match your unique tech stack, experience, and interest. Forget irrelevant job offers! ... and stay tuned, there’s even more in our tank. o_O 🔥 🙏 Your support means _the world_ to us. Do you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments? Simply leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you! PS: Last but not least, big fat THANK YOU for your upvote in advance.
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It's a useful tool for any dev team!
@peter_kadas1 thank you !
It's great, the way to measure, not only in the amount of contributions, they analyze the code and create more accurate results seems very good to me. In addition to the various job offers adjusted according to your statistics, it is super useful.
@leynier happy to hear that! Thank you!
Very promising, but highly depends on how exactly everything is calculated. Maybe after adding websites like hackerrank in combination with github and other repositories this will be the most reliable way to judge knowledge/experience without looking at portfolio or interviews.
@kirinokirino Thank you very much for your feedback! We really appreciate this. We are going to integrate HackerRank soon and this will make our algorithm even smarter. It already showing pretty good results on our tests and real users - it's a great tool to compare repositories and profiles. :)
Very useful and interesting summary for coders - and for everyone interested in coders :)) I higly recommend it!
@judit_pal Thank you 🙏! Right, it can be interesting to check a developer's profile, even if you are not a developer yourself. Check our CTO, Peti for example: