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May 30th, 2017

Android co-founder launches stunning iPhone competitor
Essential Phone
Android co-founder Andy Rubin just revealed his incredibly ambitious project: to create a phone that is better than what Samsung and (6 months later) Apple can come up with. Meet, the Essential Phone.

It's a high-end masterpiece. With an edge-to-edge display that wraps around the camera, no home button, and no headphone jack technology, Andy Rubin is brining you the latest innovations in the smartphone industry. The phone is made out of a titanium body, a ceramic build, and no logo. If it blows up there will be nobody to blame. Brilliant.

The most interesting part is Andy Rubin's vision: a phone (and an entire device ecosystem) that connect to each other seamlessly. Learn more by watching Andy Rubin's Code Conference interview.
Yesterday, a new word launched into existence. It's called covfefe, and nobody knows what it means. Someone should add it next to "Code Ninja" and "10x Engineer" in the the Silicon Valley Dictionary.
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